Redistricting Overview

Redistricting is the process of updating political boundaries to ensure areas of equal representation.

This is necessary when local population grows and shifts. The process will decide the boundaries of Knox County Commission and School Board districts.





Why do we redistrict?

Representative governments depend upon equal districts to give everyone the same voting power. State law requires all county legislative bodies to evaluate their districts at least once every 10 years (TCA §5-1-111). This ensures each district within the county has approximately equal populations.

Redistricting Goals

One Person, One Vote

The concept of equal representation in voting. Each district’s commissioner represents an equal number of people when they vote on local matters.

Ideal Population

The target population for each district, found by dividing the total population for the county by the number of commission districts.


The difference between a district’s ideal population and its actual population.

Overall Deviation

The range between the highest positive deviation and the lowest negative deviation – the goal in redistricting is to have an overall deviation less than 10%.

Population Preservation

If a racial/ethnic minority population comprises more than 50% of an existing district, any changes to that district must also have more than 50% minority population to preserve the ability to elect minority-preferred candidates.


The measure of how regular or irregular a shape is – districts are required to be reasonably compact to prevent gerrymandering.

Knox County Redistricting Committee

The Committee concluded its work in October, 2021, recommending Plan 3B to Knox County Commission for adoption.
  • Chair Kyle Ward County Commission: District 4
  • Vice Chair Randy Smith County Commission: District 3
  • Richie Beeler County Commission: District 8
  • Justin Biggs County Commission: At Large
  • Charles Busler County Commission: District 7
  • Carson Dailey County Commission: District 9
  • Chris Davis Knox County Election Commission: Administrator of Elections
  • Courtney Durrett County Commission: District 2
  • Terry Hill County Commission: District 6
  • Kristi Kristy Chair of School Board: District 9
  • Larsen Jay County Commission: At Large
  • Dasha Lundy County Commission: District 1
  • John Schoonmaker County Commission: District 5

Project Timeline


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